How to Win a Million Dollar Casino Jackpot in South Africa

One of the best things about playing in a South African online casino is that not only can you enjoy great game designs, but you can also turn your life around with a single win. But, while it’s true that you can win massive amounts of money while playing at an online casino, not everyone will get the chance to become an overnight millionaire.

To win big money, you need to do more than just haphazardly waste your Rands away, hoping to hit a jackpot. No. What you need is a though-out approach that can help you maximize your chances of cashing out big. But what exactly should that approach include?

Well, first of all you should (normally) stick to playing in reputed and licensed casinos. There are many great online casino resource portals like that you can turn to for reviews and help, but you can also try with an online search. And once that’s out the way, all that’s left is to try and apply some of the following pro tips:


Set a Playing Budget

Every experienced player will tell you that to have better chances of winning you need to keep playing longer. And to keep playing longer, you will need to manage your Rands more smartly.

The best approach to making sure you stay closer to that million dollar prize is to do some budget planning. This means that you’ll have to decide how much and how often you want to spend and stick to that schedule, no matter what. If you don’t exercise control, you’re only risking gambling all your money away on a momentary rush.


Choose Your Games Carefully

Jackpot prizes are not only exclusive to slot games. Most South African online casinos also offer table games like Blackjack and Poker that come with progressive jackpots which you can win with a side bet.  But even though these jackpots have prize pools that amount to millions (even more) of dollars, they are not for everyone.

Chasing side bets on a card game can be more expensive in the long run than playing slots. Not only do the minimum wagers normally start higher, but to keep yourself in the game longer you will need real card skills. On the other hand, with slots you have just the spin button to worry about.

Another thing that you should be looking for is who made the game. Some game developers like Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming have become very famous for designing games that land massive jackpots on a regular basis. So, before you get on to winning your million, make sure you are spending your money on the right games.


Mind the House Edge/RTP

Every casino will list the house edge, or RTP (Return to Player), of the games they offer, which you can use to find games that are most worth spending your money on. The return to player is basically the percentage of your wagers you will see returned to you in the long run. The more the casino returns, the more you can stay in the game.

Basically the lower the RTP, the worse the game is. A fair RTP is considered to be somewhere around 98-99% for table games, while with slots it will even go up to 95-96%. If you see a game with a very low RTP, it’s better to avoid it, whatever its jackpot amounts to.


Don’t Overspend

Another beginner mistake is to spend large sums of money just because you believe you’ll have higher chances this way. This is a very common misconception, mostly because it’s so logical to believe in. However, to win a big jackpot you don’t even have to spend much. Plenty of great jackpots have been won on small wagers.


Use Jackpot Trackers

Did you know that there are jackpot trackers for most of the slot jackpots available at online casinos? These trackers keep a history of all jackpot winnings and you can use them to find the best time to play in. There are many ways you can approach jackpot tracking, but they all come down to a few basic steps:

  • Find which games offer most frequent payouts;
  • Find the average waiting time between each jackpot;
  • Wait for the jackpot to go well beyond its seeding value and close to the average time;
  • Time your playing around this time-frame.


Go for Smaller Jackpots

One of the most common things every new player does is they jump straight to chasing very high progressive jackpots. However, while winning millions and millions is very attractive, it might not always be the most effective method.

When you go chasing after a very popular progressive jackpot, you are actually trying to compete against thousands of other players. And logically, the more competition you have the less likely you are to win. That’s why it’s always good to keep your eyes on small prizes as well. After all, you’re looking for a million, not 10 million, right?

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