Blackjack An Interesting Traditional Online Casino Game

clip_image002Many people likes to play Traditional games in that blackjack is very famous and till date the traditional game which is on the peak of playing gambling game is blackjack many people approach casino for only blackjack play even casino offers plenty of games with exciting offers .Before starts to play with your real money you just need to know the strategy of the blackjack game. If you have experience then it is well and good if not and you would like to play blackjack games then from expert advise you can just start to play with game money rather than real money.


How To Deal With Blackjack

Blackjack game is very simple and easy to play but most simple games have more values as we all know that. Many people in Spain like to play online casino game; there are some los mejores casinos online de Espña which offers traditional game like blackjack, 21- blackjack etc.  The basic rule of this game is you should have the hand value closer to 21 than dealer hand value but it should not exceed 21. Don’t consider other players hand value your value should compete with hand value of dealer. If you are playing with the dealer then the rules are dictated before as per concern after that you should not have any discussion to the dealer. If you’re completely new to the game and any doubts raised to you feel free to ask the doubts in your cards by showing it to the dealer. The cards value in blackjack are as follows An ace card value is marked as 1 or 11 that depends on game, Some cards have face value that is the cards starts from 2 to 9 have face value.10  points given to jack, queen, king and for number 10. Sum of the point’s count of cards in hand is considered as value of a hand. If the value of your card exceeds 21 then it assumed as lose or “go bust”

The Way Dealer Dealing Cards

poker-reviews1Once bet placed by all, then the dealer starts to flip cards before that he/she will perform two passes to the players and conform all the players have two cards dealers always start from left. Once the entire player finished playing their hand value then the dealer distribute winning money and also collect lose money.

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