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Welcome Bonuses – A Welcome Incentive for the First Deposit

Marketing strategies in the form of bonuses, adopted by online casinos are a move to attract the entire fraternity of first-time online gamblers to frequently visit their online den. The gambling dens usually work on the promise of giving money to the gambler in return for his commitment to wage a minimum amount even before he is allowed to withdraw from the game. Acting as a shield to the house edge of the casino, the wagering requirements make it obligatory for the gambler not to walk away with the cash benefits after claiming the bonus. While these wagering requirements are set to very high standards, the player will harbor a negative expectation in the form of making a deposit and not benefitting from a bonus.

Attempts made by some casinos to restrict certain games from meeting the wagering requirements can either be in line to curtail players from playing low-edge games or to put a slab on ‘risk-free’ play, to avoid betting on both red and black roulettes. This paves the way for completing the wagering requirement, thus enabling the gambler to benefit from a guaranteed profit, over and above the bonus.

More about Welcome Bonuses

Legalized online gambling dens offer all its new entrants the benefits of a 100% “welcome bonus”, which can be availed only for the very first deposit to play on the online casino automaten. Making the first deposit will initiate the activation of the gambler’s welcome bonus. However, these bonuses are subject to a series of terms and conditions.

ü  The welcome bonus is applicable only for the first deposit and cannot be availed on a series of deposits

ü  Subject to a period of 14 days, the welcome bonus expires after the lapse of this duration after the bonus has been credited, if the wagering requirements have not been met.

ü  A conditional clause which makes it mandatory for the deposit bonus to be waged for about 40 times before the gambler can withdraw his money is a procedure followed by some legalized online casinos.

In keeping with the modalities of fair gambling principles of legalized casinos, a gambler can place maximum single bets which are equal to lower than 10% of the bonus value, which is credit to his account until such time the wagering requirements are met. Non-adherence to this specification will prove detrimental to the gamer to have his winnings confiscated by the online casino in addition to withholding further withdrawals.

What and what not to expect from the lottery?

Be a part of the world’s biggest bonanza and gambling experience at Eurolotto. This way, people tend to be attracted as the lotto’s are farmuch developed and are expectable to win huge amounts without any worry. We always hear and see people take away loads of cash prizes and jackpots by doing nothing other than holding on to their dear lucks but are these wins are claimed against what odds? As pundits say, we always have a one in a million chance to hit the jackpot and take home millions of Euros that might just swift your future.

What can really expect from Euro Million lottery?

If you really want to get high over the winnings, then just aim for the jackpot but as declared before that you would only have one in a million chance to attain the jackpot but it is really appropriate and easy to acquire small prizes and awards which are more convenient to look for. Another important aspect to consider that there is 1 in 23chances you can really get a hold of the jackpot until and unless you are really are a hardcore enthusiast and decide upon purchasing tickets twice per week for almost a year. Whoa, this process is strenuous, but trusts me this, lets you close because you really are having bunches of tickets that you can really work your way on. As the prize money that is built up from purchasing of ticket by players, this amount would go up for prizes and awards that are distributed at the end of lotteries.

What not to expect from Lottos?

As you may have observed, winning a big or small in the lottery is no easy task. This involves playing with the best of the best players around the world and the luck or chance doesn’t always take your side. But, this never hurts to keep your hopes high, but never get too exaggerated buying tickets always putting your valuable cash on probability. You always have an equal chance to win or lose so be careful in investing in those which might not always be gainful in future.

What to do to extradite losing?

Keep your heads high and always be attentive in choosing your digits in the ticket as this is the essence of the whole game. Never choose digits from your favorite numbers extracting from your valuable personal information. This might get knobby and you might not always be using the whole numbers that you should be using. Never pick a date from your calendar as this only has 31 days in a month and you always will be short of big combinations that could really hurt your chances.