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The Pros and Cons of a Casino in the Society

Establishment of a casino in ones immediate environment creates a big dilemma. This is because of the different long and short timed impacts that comes with it. A casino has numerous negative effects on the society. Parallel to that they also have good effects on the society.

Casinos create good and well paying jobs for the qualified people around them, they include operating the games, cashiers and security. The revenues collected from casinos benefit the immediate society. Being a gambling area high taxes are charged. The games played in a casino are interesting. This attracts many people from around and far away thus creating a platform of a good business.

To the community where the casinos are established, community projects are supported by the casino. In the quest to create a good relation with the immediate neighbor the casino management teams offers good   contribution to charity organizations. The security of the community is also enhanced as the casino handles large ransoms, which need proper security.

Although the advantages outline may sound good and encouraging, the casinos also come with adverse disadvantages. These disadvantages have an impact both socially and economically. In the social aspects casinos encourages adverse use of drugs. Crimes and other immoral practices such as prostitution are also contributed by casinos.

The economic aspect of society is to some extent affected negatively. Due to their interesting and involving nature, the sport has led to compulsiveness. This goes to an extent of the players not going to work to attend to the games. Gambling is a get or lose game. Many players have been declared bankrupt in the process. This brings economical suffering to the individuals dependants.

For one to establish a casino with minimal disadvantages, many considerations need to be made. Casinos should be way from residential area and learning institutions. They should also be established away from business district. Recreational areas are the strategic places to establish a casino.